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In the Tall Tall Grass
30th March 2017

Today, I have a book for you. The book is called "In the Tall Tall Grass", so we are not reading it in the classroom but we are going to go outside and look for some "Tall Tall Grass". Are you ready, Leaves 1? Put on your jackets and let's look for grass.

Yes, this seems like a nice spot. Sit down everybody. Story time is starting now.

Let's see what kind of animals hide in the grass. Some of them are very very small -  like ants and beetles. Some of them can fly - like bees and humming birds. Some of them crawl - like snakes and worms. Some of them come out only at night. Bats and fireflies for example. And then the 'Tall Tall Grass" rests. Goodnight "Tall Tall Grass".

Now that we have read about all the animals, let's become animals. Let's become snakes and crawl among the grass.

Let's become bunnies and hop, hop, hop from one side of the field to the other.

 Let's become tiny ants! Oh, be careful, Vaggelis and Ameli! Don't step on the ants!

And now, let's all pick a flower and drink its juice like the humming birds do.

I hope you had fun "In the Tall Tall Grass", Leaves 1!


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