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Penguin Craft
27th January 2017

One of our favourite polar animals is the penguin. We love walking like penguins and dancing the penguin song. Since we like them all that much, why not make our very own penguins.

First, we got egg cartons ans painted them black. They would be the panguin's head and flippers.

The next day, that our egg cartons were dry, we cut some orange paper into little pieces and used glue to stick them onto the penguins beak.

Penguins are black and white. So, we need to fill in our egg cartons with something white. What can we use? "Milk?" Hm, I don't think that will work. "Snow?" Even if we could find some, it would melt eventually. "Cotton is white." What a wonderful idea!

Good. Now, turn it upside down. Nice. Hm! Something is still missing. Of, course. Our penguin needs eyes. Here they are!

Yes, it's ready now! Good job, Leaves 1!

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