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Sun Safety
1st June 2017

First of June!!! Summertime is here!!! Great! Holidays, swimming in the sea, eating ice-cream, going sailing, building sand castles ... under the sun. The great and hot summer sun. So, before going out to enjoy the sunshine, let's take the four steps of Sun Safety.

Step No 1 : We need to drink plenty of water. Cool!

Step No 2 : We need to wear a sun hat. Oh, you all look so pretty in your lovely hats!

Step No 3 : We should put on sun cream. Hm, it smells nice! Let's spread it out really well ... on our face, our shoulders, our hands ... even our legs, if we are wearing shorts. 

Step No 4 : Let's find some shade. Yes, the best place to be on a sunny summer day is under the shade of a big tree. Well, if you are at the beach and you can't find a tree, a big beach umbrella will serve you just fine!

Did we take all the steps, Seeds? Yes. So, now, let's enjoy the summer sunshine!

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