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We make a strong group!
17th May 2017

I'm sure you all like little Red Riding Hood. A little girl, sweet and kind ... but ... also a bit naughty. She made a big mistake. Can you guess what that is? She wanted to go to grandma, because she was sick. That's good. She took some healthy food for her grandma. Excellent! So far, so good. Then, she left her house and went walking all alone through the woods. Oh, NO!!! ALL ALONE?! That's not good. Why? Let's do a simple experiment. 

Let's group up, Leaves 2, and go outside. As we walk I want you to look for sticks. Pick them up and put them in the box.

Great. Now, let's sit down. I'm going to take the sticks, put them together to form a tight group of sticks. I'll pass it around. Do your best in order ro break it. Can you?

Now, I'll take one stick out of the group. Let's say that this stick decided to wander alone through the woods. On the count of three, try to break it. One, two, three! Did it break? Yes! You did it. That was very easy! 

When the stick was part of the group we couldn't break it. Now, that it's alone, it's easy to break, to get hurt! So, as the song from little Red Riding Hood says :

"Lesson's learnt, it's understood,

 don't wander alone, walking through the woods"

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