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Faces - Nursery
7th October 2020

"My Body, My Face" : This title might not seem that exciting but for our nursery students learning the parts of the body was real fun!

First, we learned the words and pointed to the different body parts. Then, we danced to songs such as "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes", "My Body", "I've Got the Rhythm in my Head".

After that, we focused on the parts of the face. We remembered the words through flashcards.

Then it was time to pin the parts of the face on the heads.

We started out with the hair and turned half of them to boys and the other half to girls. 


We followed the order of the song we had learned that goes "my mouth, my nose, my eyes and my ears ... let's stomp and clap our hands"

When all the faces were finished, the result was amazing!

WOW! We do have lots of little Picassos at the AFS!!!

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