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A monstrous Reading Club
23rd January 2017

Reading Club is one of our favourite activities! We can't wait to have our older friends from high school visit us and read us a book we all love.

For Leaves 2, our book has to do with a Big Green Monster. Are you afraid of monsters? They are kind of strange ... monsters may have yellow eyes and purple hair and big mouths and sharp teeth!!! Yes, that is kind of scary!

But no monster can scare Leaves 2. When they see it they all shout "GO AWAY" ... and little by little ... the monster is gone. First, his hair go away, then it his teeth...

... then his nose and his mouth ... until the monster has completely disappeared. 

And to prove that they are not at all afraid of it, Leaves 2 created a puzzle and turned the monster into a fun game.

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