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My Spring Raindow
22nd March 2017

Spring is the most colorful time of year. And that's mainly because of the flowers growing all around and the blooming trees. What do all the plants need? Sunshine and water. That's why in spring it is mostly sunny but sometimes "April showers" come along, even in March or May. But after the rain, if you look to the sky, you may a wonderful rainbow.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink ... all the colors of spring.

Seeds, let's pick up flowers, leaves, crops, grass and stick them on our rainbow, on the right color.

The easiest thing to find : Grass. What color is it? Green

Now, flowers can be yellow, blue, purple, pink. Let's pick some flowers, too.

Red??? Hm, we don't have red roses at school and there aren't any poppies, yet. But, look at those buses. They have "tiny tomatoes" on them. So, we have red, too!

Some orange leaves from the buses, too and ... wow ...

... our rainbow is ready! And it looks so pretty!!! Way to go, Seeds!

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