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Piggy Bath
21st March 2017

Granny Franny is a very dear friend and an experienced farmer, but because of her old age she sometimes needs help around the farm. That's when she sends a letter to the students of the American Fram School, asking for their help.

"Dear Leaves 2, it is a sunny day and it's quite hot. My piggies would very much appreciate a bath. Could you please help me?"

"Of course! We would LOVE to help. Let's get the bathtub ready. Soap, sponge, shampoo..."

Oh, no! Pigs don't need those. They bathe in the mud. So all you need is soil and water!

Come and fill your watering cans. Then use your spades to mix and make mud. 

Good job! Now, it's time to put your pigs in the mud!

"Oink, oink, oink!!!" Hm, the pigs sound very happy. They are enjoying themselves. They like getting dirty and playing in the mud.

And I can see that you like it, too. Bravo, Leaves 2. Granny Franny says "Thank you!!!".

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