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A Paleontology Dig
20th February 2017

As they started digging ... no ... not digging ... they were actually brushing the sand away very carefully, different things came up.

One of them found a foot. Another one found a leg. Another one found the dionosaur's long neck. One of the dinosaurs even had wings. We found two of them. I guess it could fly! And horns. We found three horns. That's why that dinosaur was called a triceratops!

We cleaned the parts really well with our brushes, swept the sand away and then we put them together. Hmmm. Something is missing.  Where is it's mouth? And the other one doesn't have a tail. Keep looking, little paleontologists!

YES!!! Now, we have everything. Three complete dinosaurs! Our dig was a success. Thank you, Leaves 1.

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