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Help! We got snowed in!
25th January 2017

Look, Seeds. We've got a letter. Who can it be from? Yes, you got it. It's Granny Franny. I wonder what her problem is this time. Let's see.

"Dear Seeds,

Do you remember the stable you built for my animals? Well, it is covered with snow! My animlas are afraid that the roof is going to fall on their heads. Can you help me clear the snow?

P.S. I don't want your hands to freeze. Use the special tools I sent you!


Thanks a lot!!!

Granny Franny"

Seeds are always eager to help Granny Franny. But it wasn't that easy. First of all, they had to learn how to use these "special clamps".

Wow! They've got it!

Be careful, though! They stable is not made of bricks. Magnets hold the pieces together. It might fall down if you're not extremely careful. Touch nothing but the snow!

Great! Keep up the good work. ...

We are finished. All the snow is in the bucket. There is no more snow on the roof. And look! The animals seem so happy!

Thank you Seeds.

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