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Earth, Our Home (STEM Academy)
19th January 2017


The Energy Heroes stepped into our STEM Academy lab with smiles on their faces and full of creative ideas. This time our mission focuses on our home, the Earth. An interactive presentation helped us travel deep inside Earth’s layers and got us thinking and working. We made our own Earth model out of playdough and found the similarities between the layers of the Earth and a hardboiled egg. 

The “egg-crust” came off and we were left with a delicious mantle and the inner core. Together, we discovered that there’s more to find under all this land and water. Tectonic Plates! A juicy orange puzzle got us working together and delicious whipped cream and biscuits helped us comprehend how the plates move around the earth. We saw how mountains are formed and why earthquakes occur.  Who could have imagined that Earth Science could be so yummy...

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