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Little Entomologists (STEM Academy)
1st June 2017

Buzzing around us, these tiny creatures gave us an idea. Why don’t we become entomologists this time? With our magnifying lenses and our books in hand we observed and compared every bug around us. Bees, butterflies, flies, dragonflies, earthworms, spiders, ants and so much more. But are they all the same? Can they all be described as insects?  No, no… Their anatomy showed us how to differentiate them and see the difference between an insect and an arachnoid by the numbers of their legs, their body parts and their antennae. 

Butterflies taught us symmetry and bees geometry with their spectacular hexagonal honeycombs. Who could have thought that Math would hide in such amazing places. Oh, I almost forgot! We recruited a rescue team to save some earthworms from a terrible flood and made tunnels and rafts and get them to safety. What an amazing adventure!

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