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The Gigantic Turnip
13th March 2017

Today we started our two hour lesson by watching the story of the Gigantic Turnip in the multipurpose room. We watched as the characters in the book presented themselves, got to know them and chanted along as the story unfolded. First, came the old man and the old woman, and then the big brown cow, and the two little pigs and the three black cats, and the four brown chickens, and the five yellow canaries, and the six white geese, and the hungry little mouse... Next, it was time for us to choose which of the charecters in the story we would like to be and make paper plate masks for our impromptu 'performance'.


We laughed our hearts out, we unfolded our acting talent and we learned the entire story by heart!!! All the joy on our students' faces is a daily reminder of what love of learning really means...

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