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The Twelve Days of Christmas
22nd December 2017

One such occasion was in celebration of Christmas and our song choice was, "The Twelve Days of Christmas". For those of us who know the song, we know how catchy and infectious it is, but also how difficult for students of such young age. 


However, our little miracle workers, not only learned the song, but also visited other grades to sing them their Christmas carol. The students' excitement about performing the songs they learn to others, taught me that an experience shared with others, is more comlete and long lasting. 




This song became so engraved in our little ones' "hard disk" that coming back from the holidays, in a paraphrasing of their own, they all started singing to me: 

"On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, a teacher in a taxi"...

To be able to spontaneously change the lyrics of a song and be humorous in a language other than your mother tongue, is a sign of advanced cognitive processing and fluency, and for that reason we are deeply moved and proud. 

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