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G-R-A aa V-I-T yy
23rd February 2017

At the AFS Kindergarten we are closing in on the final countdown of our very own Science Fair!!! Every teacher has chosen their area of expertise and are working feverishly on introducing basic, fun, engineering principles to the Students. For the English class we chose to play around the notion of gravity and sloped surfaces. 

First we showed our students different size objects, a volleyball, a paperball and an orange and asked them which one would fall faster on the ground always recording their answers. Then we moved on to objects of all sorts of shapes and sizes such as a pencil, a feather, a sheet of paper and a toothpick, each time discussing what might determine the speed of the fall. After much talking and singing about gravity we finally went outside to test our theory... and yes, it was true... No matter the size or weight of an object gravity will make them fall at the same speed. Only shape and the intervention of wind can slow down an object but that is another story. English class, next stop: sloped surfaces and a super fantastic "Marble Run" project!

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