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An amazing experience we call Science Fair
6th April 2017

Holy smokes! What an amazing experience this year’s Kindergarten Science Fair has been and the English Department is super excited about its part in this magical event. There comes a moment when the inquisitive nature of our youngest students becomes our inspiration and driving force; this is when we realize that everything important and worth learning is also exciting to discover!!! Although it was only one thematic unit in a year of many fun and rewarding subjects, to me, “Young Scientists” was the epitome of what our AFS vision stands for. Working all together to design and then build our “marble run projects”, learning through trial and error, starting small and ending up big, while all the while discovering the secrets of gravity, motion and engineering on our own... that was pure gold. A big thank you must also go to our students’ parents because this year’s science fair was a truly joint effort! Till next year keep safe and keep asking those difficult questions…



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