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Bee mine!
14th February 2017

Valentine's Day was the perfect opportunity to share some love with our friends and families. First step in achieving this was to introduce our secret Valentine activity, where students decided secretely, to whom they would like to give a card.  As expected the choices varied between a member of their family or a school friend. The surprise came from those who gave a card to their sweathearts!!!

First thing's first though... cause love doesn't come easy! So in order to discover the secret location of the cards we had to find the hidden clues and answer all the questions right. 

When is Valentine's Day? 

What do we celebrate?   

What do we usually give on Valentine's Day?

So let the Treasure Hunt begin: Look up, look down and look all around... Do you spot anything red hiding in the bushes?

We shared smiles, hearts and chocolate... just this once... and our Treasure Hunt became a day to remember. 

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!!!

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