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Thanksgiving lunch!
24th November 2016

Since we cannot be in school during dinner time we decided to have a traditional Tanksgiving lunch instead with the AFS family, our friends and teachers. After a morning of "craft fever" constructing our very own "Mayflower" boat, we turned our classroom into a festive dining hall and sat down a very long table to eat lunch together. Before that we included a small prayer for the food and the love on our table and for us this was the highlight of the day. Watching our students excited chatter turn into absolute silence, heads bowed, hands joined together... giving thanks for all the wonderful things we usually take for granted! 

After lunch we took one of our boats and went out to our little pond! There we let the boat go and wished for all boats carrying people in search of a better life, to have safe voyage! 

Happy Thanksgiving Day... until next year!

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