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I.IEK (Junior College)
General Info

The new Private Vocational Training Institute of the American Farm School -Thessaloniki (best known as I.IEK) is addressed to High School and Vocational Secondary Education graduates (ISCED level 4 qualification).

The studies consist of four semesters of theoretical and practical/technical training and one semester internship. They lead to ISCED level 5 professional qualifications in the agro food sector.

Vocational Secondary Education graduates who wish to continue their studies in the same concentration can be exempted from the first two semesters, and enroll in third semester having, therefore, the opportunity to completing their studies in one school year.

Course matriculation and student classification in the third semester is subject to legislation in effect, supervised by the Ministry of Education.   

Upon completion of their studies, I.IEK graduates receive an Attestation of Vocational Training (AVT) and further certify their qualifications by receiving the Vocational Training Diploma (VTD) through panhellenic exams organized by E.O.P.P.E.P. Diploma is recognized in Greece and EU (Presidential Decree 231/29.07.98 of EU Directive 92/51/EEC incorporated in the Greek legislation).

The Vocational Training Diploma is an additional qualification for assuming career development either in the public, or private sectors, and besides, it is an eligible tool τοclaim EU funding within the Common Agricultural Policy framework for Rural Development.

Those who wish to continue studies in tertiary education and to later receive Bachelor degrees in corresponding specializations, can enroll directly in the third semester at Perrotis College. As a condition for enrollment, students must show evidence of English language proficiency via entrance exams.

Perrotis College operates B.Sc. (Hons) degree programs in Food Science and Technology, Agribusiness and Marketing of Agricultural Products, and the Agro-Environmental Systems Management program. All programs are validated by Cardiff Metro University, Wales, UK.


Internship (On-the-job training) is mandatory for all I.IEK students. Either after the completion of the first study year, or upon completion of the overall study period, and prior to their AVT acquirement, students follow a six-month period of work practice, either in the public, or private sectors. Those who have a proven relevant work experience of at least 120 working days can be exempted from internship. 

Why study at the American Farm School I.IEK?

The American Farm School is associated with innovative vocational education and experiential training programs for more than a century.  

Planning and execution of all hands on programs is made by committed specialized staff that is highly experienced to transfer knowledge for skill development through experiential learning methodologies to its demanding clientele.

Class work takes place in the new Aliki Perroti Educational Center, which includes classrooms and study rooms, auditorium, laboratories and other communal training areas. The building is designed according to environmental protocol principles of sustainability and consists of selected construction materials and elements that make the most of the natural environment, minimizing besides, energy footprint.

Practical training takes place at the American Farm School's demo farm of 125 hectares. The farm consists of modern industrial facilities and characterized as the “living laboratory”. It operates under environmental permits and quality assurance systems according to the following production standardization systems: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22000: 2005, ISO 14001: 2015, AGRO 2.1, 2.2 and GMO Control.

Hence, infrastructure includes:

Plant production

  • Vineyard, orchards, olive groves, vegetable and aromatic plantations and field crops
  • Winery
  • Packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Distillation unit for native aromatic and pharmaceutical plants
  • Greenhouse and shade house installations, hydroponic and aquaponics production systems.
  • Apiculture facility
  • Agricultural Machinery Workshop
  • Olive Center with quality control laboratory and research equipment

Animal production

  • Dairy cattle (number 10 dairy herd in the world) poultry houses for egg, turkey and broiler meat production, incubator, feeding elevator and poultry abattoir
  • Waste management facilities

Food Technology

  • Milk processing for pasteurized milk, cheese, yogurt and butter and quality control laboratories
  • New product laboratory

Product Marketing

  • - Retail Campus Store for marketing AFS and graduates’ products

Additional components offered to students

  • Students are involved in applied research and production processes. They also participate in study visits, conferences and lectures delivered by distinguished scientists and professionals from the agrofood sector. Besides, students take part in the Extension Service exercises to gain field experience
  • Students can regularly participate in a number of adult learning seminars organized by the Lifelong Learning Center for further skill improvement
  • Internship opportunities in the demo farm and/or participation in EU exchange programs
  • Housing on campus
  • Support by advisors for psychological and career development issues
  • Safe campus and living environment
  • Support by MD and permanent nurse
  • Intensive English language prep lessons for the Perrotis College English language entrance examination

Specializations offered: 

  • Business administration and economics in the agricultural sector
  • Agricultural holding manager
  • Viticulture and eonology technician
  • Organic farming technician
  • Standardization, processing and marketing of agricultural products
  • Nutritionist and dietician
  • Viticulture and eonology technician
  • Food technology and quality control
  • Greenhouse technician
  • Arborist and alternative tree crop technician

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