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Perrotis College

Still a young institution of only 22 years, Perrotis College has already made waves in the Greek educational landscape, filling a vital space in the areas of agricultural and environmental science, food technology, and related fields. Distinguishing it from its peers in Greece, Perrotis College serves as a dynamic link between Industry and Academia by undertaking projects in applied research in direct collaboration with established as well as up-and-coming players in the agro-food sector, Perrotis College acts as catalyst for meaningful progress in the field, and enables synergies which help to increase competency and refine the skills and technical expertise of actors in the agrofood sector at-large.

Perrotis College has also forged important working partnerships with leading US universities, including UC Davis, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Rutgers University, St. Leo University, California State University at Fresno, and more.

In the period to follow, the School will look to deepen these collaborations and fashion new ones – with academic institutions and industry partners alike. A primary area of focus is the new Perrotis College School of Graduate Studies, which opened its doors in the Fall of 2017. This does not only expand the breadth of available programs, but also furthers our position as a leading applied research institution in the region.

Perrotis College programs at the Undergraduate level will also be enriched, with a view to incorporating additional majors to the ones currently offered in the near future.

High School

Our High School carries a history of over 114 years of contribution to the Greek primary sector and to Greek education at large. Staying true to the founding mission of the institution while offering programs at the forefront of STEAM education (Science, Technology, Environment, Agriculture, Math) is a challenge we embrace wholeheartedly.

As the agrofood sector becomes increasingly shaped by scientific principles and methods, the School strives to harmonize agricultural practice with scientific precision. In order to best accommodate these changing needs, the High School runs two parallel programs at the secondary level – a Vocational High School (EPAL) and a General High School.

The School of Professional Education is already changing the face of traditional vocational training in the primary sector. Our programs are designed to go beyond technical skills, to offer students the knowledge base they will need in the now intensely science-driven world of agrofood production, while building awareness of the effect their practices may have on health, resources and nature’s sustainability. We are invested in growing this effort, and ensuring the highest level of technical proficiency alongside a strong theoretical base anchored in science learning.

The focus for the General High School in the years to come, is on enhancing our signature STEAM program. We remain committed to doing our utmost to attract and retain the highest caliber students, on a need-blind basis. 

Primary Education

Our Primary School is unique in Greece for its Environmental Education focus. By instilling in our youngest learners an appreciation for Natural Science and a respect for the environment, we prepare them to approach the learning process with curiosity, critical thought, and scientific rigor, in an enjoyable and engaging way. Strong foundations in Technology and the English language prepare students to meet challenges all over the globe.

As we prepare for the first graduating class of the Elementary School to move up the ranks, we intend to build a strong Middle School program to allow the smoothest and most effective transition of our youngest learners through to their High School careers. The creation of the Middle School will allow our students to follow our one-of-a-kind STEAM program throughout their academic journeys. 

Educational Farm

As the world’s population grows, and our natural resources and the environment suffer the dangerous pressures of overuse, the School’s Educational Farm aims to be a catalyst for meaningful progress in the agrofood sector by teaching methods that will improve yields and food production while placing a premium on sustainability.

Over the next few years, we are looking to increase the American Farm School’s product portfolio (with upcoming additions including American Farm School Cheese and AFS Yogurt). We are also looking to enhance our practical research footprint to remain one of the most trusted food innovators in Greece (in the past the School has successfully introduced to the Greek market Ω3 eggs and pasteurized milk).

An institution-wide effort to consistently improve our waste-management procedures and to increase environmental awareness and ethical, sustainable practices is always a priority. We are perpetually striving to become more energy efficient at all levels of operation.  

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