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Thanksgiving Dinner & Perrotis Day
25th November 2016


Thanksgiving Day is a revered tradition at the American Farm School. It is a celebration that resonates at the School. It expresses gratitude for a plentiful harvest from the farm, appreciation for the School’s extended family of friends and supporters, and the joy of sharing the holiday meal -- featuring the prized American Farm School turkeys -- with the wider community. As an American holiday, Thanksgiving is also an opportunity to remind our students of the School’s origins, and the strong bonds between the U.S. and Greece.

Faculty, students and staff honored Mrs. Aliki Perroti at this year's Thanksgiving dinner on November 24, for her long-time generous support of Perrotis College. President Panos Kanellis enacted a more recent tradition on the same occasion: pardoning an American Farm School turkey so that it may live out its days on a graduate’s farm. 

On the following day, students, parents, alumni and friends joined Mrs. Aliki Perroti, Trustee Seth Frank and their friends from Athens for the annual commemoration of Dimitris Perrotis Day, marking the 1996 founding of Perrotis College, which is named in memory of Mrs. Perroti’s late husband, Dimitris.  President Kanellis, Perrotis College Dean Athanasios Tsaftaris and Trustee Seth Frank delivered remarks on the exceptional progress of the College until today.

  • Thanksgiving Dinner & Perrotis Day
  • Thanksgiving Dinner & Perrotis Day
  • Thanksgiving Dinner & Perrotis Day
  • Thanksgiving Dinner & Perrotis Day
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