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Alternative Tourism

The Strategic Project Management Office of the American Farm School, in collaboration with Rutgers University in the USA, will implement a training program on Alternative Tourism in Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Volos. 

The training program has a total duration of 2 semesters with each semester being 12 weeks, which means 296 hours in class. After the completion of the training, best performing participants will have the opportunity to complete a paid, 2-month apprenticeship at selected alternative tourism businesses.

The course offerings are the following:

Α’ Semester

  1. Introduction to Alternative & Sustainable Tourism Trends
  2. Visitor Psychology & Behavior
  3. Leadership & Communication skills
  4. Creating Visitor Experiences
  5. Legal & Ethical Aspects of Tourism

Β' Semester

  1. Finance, Costing & Pricing
  2. Wilderness travel, Hiking
  3. Water environment sports
  4. Culinary Tourism
  5. Agrotourism: Principles & Practices

Teaching Methods
The first 6 classes are primarily theoretical and each one of them lasts 24 teaching hours. The “Creating Visitor Experiences” class includes an educational field trip. The last 4 classes combine hands-on learning with theory (16 hours theory and 16 hours of practice) in collaboration with local external partners of the industry. The performance of the participants will be assessed through assignment and individual or group projects.

Numbers of beneficiaries
Thessaloniki: 50 individuals annually for 3 years
Volos: 25 individuals annually for 3 years
Ioannina: 25 individuals annually for 3 years

Eligible Applicants
The applicants need to be young individuals (below the age of 40), high-school graduates, IEK or AEI/TEI graduates (Vocational Training or college/university), holders of a foreign language knowledge certificate and to be interested in working or starting their own business in the alternative tourism industry.

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