The American Farm School does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, national origin, disability, or any other status or condition protected by law. 

Job Opportunities at the American Farm School & Perrotis College

US Coordinator of Global Engagement & Outreach

Supervisor: AFS & Perrotis College Dean of Student Services
Location: US and Greece as needed

The Coordinator of Global Engagement & Outreach position can use the New York Office of the American Farm School as a base, reports directly to the Dean of Student Services (Thessaloniki) and can work from elsewhere as directed by her/his supervisor. The position will manage the “USA-side” for all AFS global educational programs and exchanges. Primary responsibilities for these unique programs include: recruitment & enrollment, program development & contact management, etc. The position requires some travel in the USA and occasional to Greece. All travel is determined by the Dean of Student Services.

High School Programs

Greek Summer

·       Recruitment & Admissions (November to March)

  • Develop strong relationships with Greek communities, including churches
  • Identify key high schools to target (and their counselors) as well as encourage scholarships for their students
  • Attend Summer Program and/ or Service Learning Fairs
  • Manage application process, including interviewing applicants, sending acceptance letters, etc.
  • Primary contact for applicants and families, also working with the Communications Department for website content and application updates

·       Pre-Boarding Process

  • Pre-Departure Information
  • Travel arrangements with parents
  • Answering family concerns/ questions

Study USA

·       Summer Program Assistance (June to August)

  • Troubleshoot Summer Program Issues (i.e. travel, etc)

·       AFS Alums

  • Serve as main contact for AFS graduates travelling to the USA for university studies
  • Create support network, outreach, etc. for AFS Alums presently studying in the USA

High School Exchanges & Programs

·       Gap Year Program

  • Assist with program development
  • Manage recruitment, admissions, etc.

·       School trips from USA to AFS for Events (e.g. MUN & PeaceJam)

  • Identify key schools to collaborate with
  • Assist schools with information, travel, etc. for special events (e.g. MUN, PeaceJam) or work with schools to design special trips (i.e. Fall or Spring Break)

·       Follow up and work with Student Life Department regarding the development of 4-H relationships & partners

Study Abroad

·       Recruitment & Admissions

  • Attend Study Abroad Fairs and Regional Conferences
  • Visit key schools to build relationships and partnership agreements
  • Coordinate individual applicant follow-up with AFS Study Abroad Office
  • Fall Semester: April-June Recruitment; Spring Semester; September-November; Summer Term: January to March

·       Pre-Boarding

  • Pre-Departure Information
  • Visa Application Support (if necessary)

American Fellows Program

·       Recruitment & Application Process (November to February)

  • Contact colleges & universities with recruitment information
  • Host informational webinars & answer questions of interested applicants
  • Attend career fairs
  • Process application inquiries and materials

·       Pre-Boarding Process (March to July)

  • Pre-Departure Information
  • Visa Application Support
  • Health Insurance and Flight Reimbursement with NYC Office

Special Programs & Projects

·       Roads Scholar

  • Program Contact and Management (i.e. main USA contact for Roads Scholar and participants for general information, questions, etc.)

The position does not require traditional 9 to 5 office hours, but needs organization, creativity, and follow-up at hours the staff member and his/ her supervisor determine as most effective.

Candidates should send a letter of interest and their CV by July 10th, 2018, electronically only, to the Human Resources Department, attn: Despina Theodoridou, e-mail address: The e-mail should have the subject:  Application for US Coordinator of Global Engagement & Outreach position.   For more information please contact: Despina Theodoridou, e-mail (


Vacancy for full-time position of Residential Life Staff at the School's Student Life Department

Position Description: The Residential Life Staff are responsible for student safety, health and well-being, as well as creating a positive learning environment for our students. 


  • Ensure the safety and security of students and the residence halls
  • Keep regular attendance and check-ins with students through duty shift
  • Encourage a positive environment to support students academically
  • Assist students with their development, i.e. health/wellness, time management, study skills, personal development, etc.
  •  Create a culture of community and respect in the residence halls
  • Frequently monitor areas of the residence hall
  • Document any student behavior issues to Senior Residential Life Staff
  • Conduct regular checks of the following areas: dining hall during meal times, library, athletic fields, surrounding areas of residence halls, etc.
  • Immediately report any damage, maintenance issues, etc.
  • Assist with transportation of students to off-campus events/activities
  • Conduct weekly checks of student rooms for cleanliness, damage, etc. and report to Senior Residential Life Staff
  • Be available to assist (when necessary) off-duty in case of emergency or in the case of extra staff being needed for an event/activity
  • Monitor student study hall (student rooms, classroom building, library, etc.)
  • Transport students to the health clinic or hospital for medical needs
  • When appropriate call parents to inform them of a student issue or special permission
  • Be available for staff meetings and training (after hours)


  • High School Diploma
  • Basic computer skills (i.e.  e-mail, Google Drive, etc.)
  • English language proficiency
  • Driver’s license
  • CPR certification
  • Experience working with youth/young adults
  • Can follow instructions, rules and regulations
  • Patienceand flexibility
  • Ability to work on a team

Candidates should send a letter of interest and their CVs by June 29, 2018 electronically only to the Human Resources Department, e-mail address: The e-mail should have the subject: “Application for Residential Life Staff position.”

For more information please contact the HR Department by phone (+30 2310 492740 & 893) or e-mail.


The American Farm School does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, national origin, disability, or any other status or condition protected by law.  

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